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Discover the technology and future surrounding Industry 4.0

i4.0 Today and IPC are bringing together top industry speakers to discuss the technology and future surrounding the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Learn first-hand the experiences, challenges and solutions our leaders are taking to achieve truly smart manufacturing.
Benefit from future insights from senior manufacturing executives, engineering expertise and technology leaders within the electronics industry.
Join our exclusive network of executives and high profile forum as i4.0 Today and IPC connect you to the future of Industry 4.0.
i40 Connect Forum 2019

i4.0 Connect Forum

Budapest 2019

5-6th June 2019

Taking place in the Holiday Inn Budapest – Budaörs (5th-6th June), the i4.0 Connect Forum invites you to join our Industry 4.0 focused event. Exploring concepts, developments and challenges within The Fourth Industrial Evolution. Hear first-hand how Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Factories and Additive Manufacturing is shaping the world of Electronics.

i4.0 Connect Forum

San Jose 2019

The i4.0 Connect Forum will return this October (2nd & 3rd) to the heart of Silicon Valley for our second US Industry 4.0 event. Taking place in the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley Hotel, our 2 day event will explore the Industry 4.0 eco system. Join our world class speakers, exhibitors and customers as we discuss the future that is Industry 4.0. Register your interest today and don’t miss your opportunity to be at the forefront of factory automation.

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