i4.0 Connect Forum California 2019

Thank you to all who attended the i4.0 Connect Forum California 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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KEYNOTE: David Rogers, Siemens: "Leading digital transformation in electronics"

Panel Discussion featuring Tempo Automation, FLEX and Zollner

Allen Phung, Koh Young America: "How much AOI data needed for smart factory?"

Dr Rui Wang, Uber AI: "Open-Ended Reinforcement Learning: Creating and Solving Diverse Challenges in a Single Run"

Dave Trail, Critical Manufacturing: "Digital Twin to Improve Manufacturing Operations"

Ofer Maltiel, Nano Dimension: "Factory in a Box"

Michelle Lam, IBM: "A Journey in Supply Chain Transformation"

Keith Bryant, Independent Technology Consultant: "Are we ready for i4.0?"

Marc Peo, Heller Industries: "IPC CFX Standard as it relates to Reflow Ovens"

Romain Roux, Mycronic: "Deep Learning AI"